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#C++ Architect

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the newly emerging areas of technology which is going to re-define the way we work and live our lives.  This new wave of technology, currently in its pioneering stage, is set to refashion the practices in technology, decision making, Autonomous Transportation, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Robotics, Manufacturing, Government, Defence and National Security.

National Language Generation

Speech Recognition

Virtual Agents

Machine Learning Platforms

Deep Learning


Robotics Process Automation

Text, Video and Image Analytics

There is a shortage of competent data science professionals. Some of the popular designations are CAO (Chief Analytics Officer, Data Architect, Statistician, Data Analyst, Data Engineer.


The designations are much more depending on application area and industry verticals. Industry verticals using data science include Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Market Research, Healthcare, Travel, Logistics, Automotive and practically any business area we can think of. The job growth rate expected in data science field, according to various research studies, is over 40% per annum. The demand-supply gap of competent professionals is increasing every year.

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