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#Information Security

“Information is a significant component of most organizations’ competitive strategy either by the direct collection, management, and interpretation of business information or the retention of information for day-to-day business processing. Some of the more obvious results of IS failures include reputational damage, placing the organization at a competitive disadvantage, and contractual noncompliance. These impacts should not be underestimated.” ― Institute of Internal Auditors.

Information Security programs follow these core objectives: maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT systems and business data. The objectives help to ensure that sensitive information is only disclosed to authorized parties (confidentiality), prevent unauthorized members from modifying or destroying data (integrity) and allow easy accessibility of data for authorized parties when requested in order to conduct assessment (availability).

Most tech companies spend millions of dollars to setup flawless information security systems, which is overseen by trained group of experts in this field, who responsible for conducting risk management, a process through which information assets are continuously protected and unwanted leaks are prevented from happening. The team is on constant threat watch, and company relies on such experts to implement appropriate protective controls when needed.


Needless to say, no one but the best will do when it comes to picking an information security professional for a company. For this reason, applicants in this field, must possess in-depth understanding and practical knowledge of the following technical concepts:

Application Security


Data Leak Prevention

Disk and File Level Encryption Solutions

Ethical Hacking

Forensic Analysis

Cyber security

BYOD- Bring your own device

Risk management

Identity & Access Management

Incident Handling & Analysis

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Litigation Support (e-discovery)

Network Security

Penetration Testing

Regulatory Compliance & Audit

Secure Code Development

Security Architecture

Smart cards, Disposable Passwords, Tokens

Threat/ Vulnerability Assessment Management

Web Content Filters

Payment card industry (PCI)


IT fundamentals (web applications, system administration)

Coding skills (C, C++. Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python)

Knowledge of architecture, administration and operating systems

Certifications (CISSP, CEH, Comp TIA Security, etc)

Soft Skills (oral and written communication)

Interested candidates can apply for the following positions in the field of information security:
  • Information security manager

  • Senior Information security manager

  • Assistant Manager information security

  • Information security risk manager

  • Information security officer

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Information Security Engineer

  • Head Information security

  • Chief Information security officer (CISO)

  • Practice head security

  • Chief security officer (CSO)

  • Security system administrator

  • Senior Information Security Assurance Consultant

  • Senior IT Security Operations Specialist

  • Regional Information Security Analyst

  • Principal Cyber Security Manager

  • Chief Information Security Consultant

  • Principal Information Assurance Officer

  • Senior Information Security Risk Officer

  • Information Security Assurance Analyst

  • IT Security Engineer

  • Information Assurance Analyst

  • Senior IT Security Consultant

While information security is indispensible in almost all kinds of companies in today’s day and age – what with everything going digital nowadays – there are still certain sectors which require greater risk management and data protection. These are:


Government departments

Local authorities

IT companies

Security consultancy services



Financial services


Do you have a good eye for detecting cyber threats? Do you think you have what it takes to make in the
field of information security? Then your dream job awaits you. Apply today!

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