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#Internet of Things

"IoT is changing and transforming everything from business to life. Imaginations are boundless and opportunities are infinite. Everything is being wired up or connected wirelessly — architecture, energy efficient sensing, secure networks, quality of service, new protocols, participatory sensing, data mining, GIS based visualization, cloud computing, and international activities. It simply means that powerful information will be at our fingertips." — Mehul Nayak

IoT i.e. Internet of Things or M2M (machine to machine) communication, in simplest terms, is a network of connections wherein one device connects to another and the internet to exchange valuable and relevant data. Nowadays, smart devices including cell phones, wearable technology, home appliances and vehicles are embedded with software, electronics, connectivity, actuators and sensors that enable formation of said network of connections. Point-to-point communication occurs between two or more machines to gather data without much human participation.

Data gathered is used to sense or control connected objects remotely and for integration of information from the tangible world into a computer based platform. Ultimately leading to, reduced human involvement, enhanced efficiency and user experience, and greater financial profits. The scope of IoT is such that today everything from smart homes, smart cities, intelligent transportation, smart grids and virtual power plants employ it.  

An IoT professional should preferably possess a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or computer science with special focus on distributed computing. Additionally, progression to managerial designations might necessitate a master’s degree in Business Administration or Computer Engineering.

Currently, tech frontrunners around the world constantly seek erudite professionals proficient in IoT. In order to qualify for a junior or senior position in this domain, prospective candidates must possess the following skills:

Circuit design (chip design and development, 3D designs, printed circuit boards)

Microcontroller programming (Arduino programming language and regularizing embedded systems in various devices)


Machine Learning

Big Data (Apache Spark and Hadoop)

Electrical and security engineering (microwave engineering and radio frequency for GPS and embedded device development for cell phone applications)

Node.js (for developing real-time applications and managing devices which employ Raspberry Pi and Arduino)

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designing

Network and data security (for distributed applications through data minimization)

App development (for iOS and Android)

Data storage and cloud computing

Soft skills (presentation, oral and written communication)

In order to achieve company goals pertaining to IoT, competent professionals who adroitly combine the aforementioned skills are hired for the following job roles:

IoT Product Manager

IoT Analyst

IoT Developer

IoT Architect

IoT Engineer

IoT Lead

IoT Tester

Robot Coordinator

Industrial Data Scientist

Industrial UI/UX Designer

System Engineer IoT

Head of IoT

Senior Manager IoT

Senior Development of IoT

Fuller Stack Developer

The following industries seek to hire IoT experts to develop and ensure smooth operations of the network in question:

Smart Homes

Wearables- development of compact wearables incorporating NFC (Near Field Communication)

Connected Cars

Industrial Internet

Smart Cities- development of systems to alleviate woes of city dwellers caused by inadequate water distribution, traffic management, urban security and waste management

Environmental Monitoring

Smart Retail- creating a much safer, quicker and smarter customized shopping experience using UID (Unique Identifiers) technology

Energy Engagement- analyzing patterns in behavior of electricity consumers and suppliers to improve economics of electricity

IoT in Poultry & Farming

IoT in Healthcare- creation of sophisticated solutions and devices for portable and accurate monitoring of overall physical health

Smart Supply Chain- Developing solutions for tracking goods using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

​IoT is a booming industry where currently the demand for computer programmers/electrical engineers with an aptitude for smarttechnology is increasing tremendously. Apply today to pursue a fruitful career by working for the biggest brands in utilities, manufacturing, transportation and more.

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