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The FinTech startup scenario in India


FinTech stands for Financial Technology. It has been around with us as a financial services industry virtually. You are using FinTech every now and then, just you are not realizing it. For example, when we are doing a transaction through or credit card or debit card or Paytm or any other wallet, the idea behind the transaction is nothing but FinTech. When you are simply researching on Google to find the best interest rate for any type of loan from any financial service, you are actually using FinTech.

Yes, it is true that FinTech is applied in any financial service. Starting from managing the financial aspect of a business to process a business model or including a new software, application or process in the business involves the use of FinTech. FinTech is an emerging technology of 21st century that are applied to back end of every established trade and financial organization.

It is true that without knowing the past of anything you cannot define its future. So, before going further let’s check out the history of FinTech.

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Myth of India as an IT Superpower- - True or False ?


The $150 billion software export industry has always been a self-created illusion, perpetuated by both, the industry and the Government.  In 1988, when the Indians started exporting software engineers on business visas to carry out the programming jobs on-site during the Y2K and dot-com boom, the export of workforce reached its peak.  And suddenly, in the year 2001, the Indian IT industry faced its first jolt, when planeloads of software engineers returned to India because the on-site party had crashed in America.

Is India a significant global level IT player?


There is a prevalent sense of despondency in the Indian IT Sector.  Newspaper headlines scream about the layoffs of many people and criticize the sector for being complacent and not keeping up with the times. Press has hyped modern technology areas like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Information Security, Technology Infrastructure Management and High-Performance Computing.



What does it mean to be a good Technical Architect?


The IT industry is always going to be a market full of moving targets and requirements. With consistently evolving technologies and changing business objectives, the skills and requirements of the industry are also changing. One such transition evident in the IT industry are the skills possessed by a Technical Architect.



What is Blockchain Technology ?


Block chain is a decentralized method of keeping records in an open and sequential manner where the current record will include a hash code from their previous record, thus making up the chain.


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