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Top 10 Recruitment Challenges And Steps to Overcome Them


As a global recruitment company in India, we are always on our toes to understand the market trends of recruitment. And that fervour got us thinking into the challenges the HR Managers and Recruitment Heads will come across in 2020. We began an extensive research. We arranged for an exclusive meeting with CEOs, Directors, Recruitment Managers and other decision makers of the company to identify their pain points and the challenges they had had in the past.


We didn’t stop there. We further progressed on our meetings and research to list out those challenges and understand how they are impacting the regular recruitment process. 


Here we have listed out the top 10 challenges that the HR Professionals will have to tackle in their future recruitment drives. 


Needless to mention, Talent Desi has its solutions for you in your recruitment drive. 


Top 10 Hiring Challenges


1. Constructing a powerful and a compelling employer brand


LinkedIn has reported that an overwhelming 75% of job seekers look at the employer’s brand before deciding to apply for a job. And surprisingly, if the brand is not of any favour for them, the job seekers wouldn’t consider applying in that company. Despite unemployment, if the job seekers come across a bad reputed company, they wouldn’t still consider applying. 


Tip: At Talent Desi, we have derived with proof that it is essential that a company needs to build on their employer brand. You need to clearly stick to a plan to create, define and implement a branding strategy. You need to coax people with a compelling brand story that is attractive enough to fetch you the right employees, not ‘perfect’. Showcase your company’s pictures, culture you follow in your team, the daily happenings all by doing and not just on words. 


2. Maximizing candidate reach 


The candidates these days are active on everything digital and it is vital as a brand to expand your horizons beyond the traditional methods. Get creative with your job application postings and find alternate ways to reach out to the candidates.


Tip: As a recruiter for you to reach a larger pool of job seekers, you need to be ubiquitous. In case you have not yet started already, it is the right time you begin building an omnichannel recruitment strategy. From paid to organic ads, internal and external referrals, professional recruitment teams can be of aid. 


3. Zeroing in on passive job seekers


Again, LinkedIn has unveiled that 70% of the global workforce constitutes passive talent who are not active in their job search and the remaining 30% are only active job seekers. So reaching out to that massive 70% will be a challenge that you may have to tackle with ease. And how?


Tip: As a recruiter and as you are in dire need of a talent more than the passive job seeker himself, you have to stretch your presence everywhere on the digital platform – precisely, everywhere you can imagine as a passive job seeker’s resort. Exploit the power of social media to its fullest with a compelling brand story and regular updates on why one should choose to work with you. 


4. Engaging the right job seekers


Glassdoor has discovered that a surprising 76% of recruiters have highlighted their difficulty in finding the right candidate. The study says that the recruitment managers have been dissipating their time going through a plethora of applications that doesn’t deem fit for the open positions. And how do you get that right? 


Tip: You need to sift and fine tune your recruitment process. Begin by getting your basics right – and that includes getting your job requirements right, clearly stating the objectives and the needs, company culture and the job seekers persona you are targeting, and the life at your office. Most importantly, add relevant and qualifying questions. This should pretty much zero in a few numbers. 


5. Piling job seekers pool proactively


A job seekers pool is something that you may have to collect and pile up over months. You should maintain an efficient database of every job seeker who had established their interest in working with you. This pile of data will help you in future to also sift through in case the opening comes. When you have done half the work already, you will be left with the challenge to just process through the right candidate from the available list. 


Tip: Create a simple application for the already interested candidates to indicate their interest in working with you. Invite them to learn about your company and show them the benefits – both professionally and personally – that they would be entitled to whilst working with you. This should pretty much do the recruiting job for you.


6. Giving a memorable job applicant experience


How you conduct your interviews matters a lot. If the candidate is to go through a terrible interview experience, then, as a company, your reputation is at stake. The news is definitely bound to go viral on social media, online reviews and through word-of-mouth which would then become a nightmare for the organization. 


Tip: Audit your present employee experience and discover ways to get them right. Then, find ways to make the recruitment process friendly and as comfortable as possible. From providing light beverages to keeping them occupied throughout the recruitment process and finding ways to not let the employees realize that they have been waiting for a long time, you need to come up with initiatives to ensure the job seeking experience was a pleasant one. 


7. Recruiting the candidates for diversity


This will become a priority for HR managers and recruiters in 2020. LinkedIn’s extensive research quoted that 78% of HR professionals find diversity as the top trending and most impacting in their hiring process. And maintaining a diverse workforce is as important as anything else. 


Tip: Implement recruitment strategies that contains A - Z of recruitment  – laying the correct foundation, attracting the right candidates and offering the job to the most suitable candidates. Show the world that you encourage people of all diversities through your social posts, photos, CSR activities and company updates. 


8. Making sure of easy team collaboration


In the present days with a lot of perks available in the companies for employees, talent acquisition field has been experiencing a transformation shift from customary hiring models toward collaborative hiring models. Remote working, especially, is on the lead when it comes to easy team collaboration and that is a challenge. It is posed as one of the biggest challenges that companies may have to tackle in 2020. 


Tip: Implement a plan for the people who work inside the premises and remotely. Establish clear must haves and nice to haves with every candidate that you run into. And ensure you have the right tools that will help your employees connect with each other seamlessly.


9. Well organized selection system

Streamlining a hiring process is one of the massive challenges during recruitment. Whilst finding the right candidate is a serious threat, only a few realize that streamlining the recruitment process will wean away have the threat. A properly organized recruitment process will simplify and automate the hiring process for the organization.


Tip: To streamline your selection and hiring process, begin by identifying the blockage. After deep analysis, you should be able to list down the blockages that has been obstructing your way and it will make a clear route for you to shift your focus from blockages to a hassle free recruitment process.


10. Hiring in a jiffy

As soon as there is a vacancy, most companies will end up listing the job vacancy and will almost end up selecting the candidates that had put their application in the first. And that will become a major drawback eventually. In the event of filling the vacancy at the moment, what the employers fail to understand is the aftermath they will have to face with the wrong candidate. So how do you prevent this from happening?


Tip: You need to revisit your hiring methods – neither too lengthy nor too soon. Automate your hiring processes, get rid of manual and repetitive tasks. Us your time efficiently in parsing the resumes, streamlining the process and automating the mundane tasks as much as possible. 


Bottom Line: 

Now that you have your hands-on on the biggest hiring challenges that companies will run into in 2020, we, at Talent Desi – the global recruitment company – have solutions for you. We are a full fledged recruitment company pan India helping organizations pool the right talent and create a better workplace. We are a predicament to your recruitment problems and we work as your extension to grow your company with the right candidates. 


From sourcing the right candidates to maintaining an efficient database with the right information, we have them all. We follow an interesting hiring process which will want the job seekers asking for more. We just don’t source profiles but we ensure we source the right profiles and refer the right candidates based on the job description. 


After all

"Human resources isn't a thing we do. It is the thing that runs our business." - Steve Wynn



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