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#Digital Transformation

While digital transformation becomes inevitable in most industries nowadays, experts maintain that the businesses turn to digitization because they do not have a choice. Some of the top reasons for doing so are to compete with their rivals who have upgraded their systems to digital ones, to earn a greater profit, enhance the efficiency level and improving customer satisfaction.

To help move a company from an analogue setup to a digital one, an architect must be familiar with all the latest updates and frameworks and tailor-make them to fit the specific challenges and demands of an organization. In order to accomplish the task, one must be proficient in the following skills:

“By digitizing a traditionally analog business model or process, we're effectively turning it into bits and atoms and enabling an infinite variety of possibilities.” ― Nicholas D. Evans, author of “Mastering Digital Business: How powerful combinations of disruptive technologies are enabling the next wave of digital transformation.”

Digital transformation is applying digital technology various facets of a business, hence essentially enhancing how a company operates and deliver value to customers. By digitizing the fundamental business models, the organizations continue to challenge the status quo, experiment, and cater to the cultural change sweeping the inner working of both the big and small enterprises.

Digitalization, Digitization

AI, machine learning


Agile development

Digital products

All programming languages

Cloud, Hadoop, et cetera

AWS, Azure

Adaptive thinking & agile approaches

Digital communication/virtual collaboration

Computational thinking & cognitive load management

Automating business process

Lead product management

Design thinking

Customer journey mapping

Strategic Thinking/Strategic Planning

Business Analysis

Change Management (Organizational)


Problem Solving

Emotional Intelligence/Empathy


Decision Making

If you possess in-depth knowledge of the above-mentioned skills, you will find yourself a step closer to landing any of the following designations in the field of digital transformation:

Digital transformation program lead

Senior role Digital transformation

Digital transformation architect

Head IT- Digital transformation

Associate VP – Digital transformation

AVP/ VP digital transformation

Digital lead

Digital transformation smart utilities IOT consultant

Senior Digital transformation leader

Digital transformation specialist

Head Digital strategy

Digital transformation consultant

ERP, Operations Business Analyst

VP, Digital product manager

Digital transformation strategy consultant

Technical consultant – Digital transformation

Digital transformation Portfolio design consultant

Digital transformation associate consultant

Some of the industries where demand for digital transformation architects is the greatest are:

IT organizations





Consumer goods


Chemicals, Mining & Metals

Oil & Gas


Aviation & Hospitality

Professional Services



If you an innovative thinker, keen on not only visualizing the future business model, but have the necessary skills to implement the same, you are exactly the kind of digital transformation professional that recruiters are looking for. Apply today!

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